Step by Step Guide to stage your home for a QUICK SALE!

Welcome to the TG Res complete ‘Home Staging Plan’ which will effectively help you sell your home.


Never Presume!  This is one of the biggest mistakes that is made by sellers who presume that potential buyers can see past their décor and clutter. Never presume that people can imagine a room with their sofa in it, never presume that people can judge space as they most likely can’t.  If you bear this in mind at all times when staging your home, then you are on the right path to a quick and successful sale.

 STEP 01 – Declutter

We all have that one room that is stored to the ceiling with boxes and “stuff” and the thought of going through it is, frankly, overwhelming.  Take a room at a time and start to organise! Minimise and remove excess furniture where you can. It will make a huge difference to the space.

STEP 02 – Visual Inspection

Once you have decluttered its time to take a step back and walk around your home with a critical eye.  Try to think like a buyer, what would you look for when viewing a home? When getting your home ready for sale people often forget the exterior.  Mow the lawn, trim the hedges, clear the leaves!  Buyers want a house that has been looked after and well maintained.

STEP 03 – Time To Clean & Touch Up

Now it’s time to clean!  This is simple, clean everywhere inside and out and make it sparkle and touch up any paintwork to make it look fresh.  If you want a good price, then it needs to be in top condition.

STEP 04 – Accessorise

Accessories are your best friend when you are staging your home for sale.  You need to look at the purpose of each room and “dress” it accordingly.  If it’s a bedroom, put a bed in it.  Again, never presume that buyers can visualise what it will look like.  Plump up your cushions, buy some statement light fittings for the living room and make it flow and co-ordinate.  Give it the WOW factor!

STEP 05 – Give It Some Kerb Appeal

First impressions last.  You want potential buyers to be excited about what lies behind the front door.  Its as important to accessorise outside as well as in.  Consider adding some potted plants and hanging baskets to make it look welcoming and well loved.  Potential buyers may even look at the condition of your neighbour’s kerb appeal and although you don’t want to upset them you could offer to tidy their front if needed.

STEP 06 – Photo Call

Now you are ready for photos.  I cannot stress the importance of photos enough when selling your home.  The majority of enquiries come from online sources and so photos need to show off your home to its best advantage.  Great photos attract buyers to view and poor photos can have the opposite effect and put them off.  The photos need to be honest so make sure that your home looks like the marketing photos on viewing days.

Step by Step Guide to stage your home for a QUICK SALE!

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