6 Reasons Why You Should List Your Home For Sale In Winter

A popular fallacy is that winter is not the season for estate agents. People often decide they are going to list their home for sale in the spring. Even some sellers with homes already listed, often consider taking their property off the market as soon as the cold hits. However, experienced estate agents know that there are many advantages to selling your home in the winter. It is actually an excellent time to sell.

Motivated Buyers

During the cold season, you will get motivated buyers. People willing to brave the cold weather and rain are serious about finding a home. You will probably have fewer viewings, but the people who come through will be more qualified, quality over quantity if you will. This situation is ideal for a seller.

Less Competition

There are fewer people selling homes in the winter months, and due to this, there is less competition.   It is the ideal time to put your property up for sale as other sellers are missing out on the opportunity.   The few sellers have more control because there are fewer inventories on the market.

Attention on Your Home

Since most sellers think that they shouldn’t sell their home during winter, there are very few homes to buy at the beginning of the New Year. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean there are no potential buyers.  Moreover, you are likely to have more interest if your house is the only one in your area, than in spring when the market is more saturated.

Better Price for Your Home

Since there are fewer homes listed, if you market your home right you have the potential to get top cash. Sellers have the upper hand in a winter transaction. In the summer months, buyers might have 30 homes to choose from unlike in the winter, where only 10 may fit the same criteria. Your chances of a customer putting up an offer on your property are much greater in the winter.

Schedule a Tune-Up

Winter buyers are familiar with issues related to heating and maintenance. Have an expert inspect your boiler, radiators and roof and make any necessary repairs. Ensure that the gutters are clean and windows are weather—stripped. Use low-cost upgrades like insulating the attic or installing energy-efficient windows, with all of the above giving potential to reduce energy bills.

Passion for Service

During the cold, dreary months some estate agents may well be idling down for Christmas. Fewer clients may also motivate them to move properties they represent with passion. They also have more energy and time to concentrate on your cause. They have time to finesse your online listing or helping you when the process becomes challenging.

Extra Advice

De-clutter your home! Put away any disorder so that buyers can picture themselves in the home.  In addition, cleaning carpets and outside patios/hard areas is a must. Don’t forget to touch up any weathered paint on fences and the exterior of the property. Just because it is winter doesn’t mean buyers can’t appreciate what your home can offer all year round. Finally, we shouldn’t need to remind of this… but make the beds! This isn’t necessarily specific to selling your house, in general – tidy house = tidy mind! Happy selling!

6 Reasons Why You Should List Your Home For Sale In Winter

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