How to Pick the Right Estate Agent – THE TRUTH!

It’s an age-old dilemma, when anyone comes to selling their house, so where do you start? Any agent will tell you that they have ‘’the best service’’ or are the ‘’most popular agent in the area’’ but how do you really define TRUST when choosing to allow someone to represent your biggest and most expensive asset? In an era of online agencies and DIY packages, we’ve devised the recipe for getting it right… first time!

Do the people who are selling your home have the personal experience themselves?

When you speak to any agent, you need to trust that not only can they do their job of selling your home, but can they empathise with the situation you are in? Inevitably, this can be a stressful time for any person, so dealing with someone who has ‘been there and done it’ themselves can be a huge advantage when it comes to signposting any potential matters concerning the sale. Would you buy a family car from someone who can’t drive? A plate of food from someone who wouldn’t eat it themselves? Not really. Because you probably know they are telling you what you want to hear, rather than from real life experience.

Have you got a good first impression?

Everyone makes judgements about each other, typically you have 13 seconds to make a first impression good or bad! So, whether that is on the phone, face-to-face or even on a valuation of your home, do you think the right amount of preparation has been put in to give you a good first impression? Or even to a potential buyer of your home? Appearance and time keeping is just as important as what you say. Example – an agent tells you they can sell your home for £250,000 – a clear £20,000 more than 2 other valuations you’ve had, but they were 20 minutes late to meet you looking like they have just got out of bed and they are wearing odd socks. Good impression? Let’s say you give them the benefit of the doubt and the same agent is due to meet a buyer at your home. Again late to the meeting and can’t remember which house it is! The potential buyers point the agent in the right direction and finally the viewing can begin. ‘’So, this is the kitchen’’ says the odd-socked scruff as if they have just represented the wisdom of an owl. An extreme example, but if the agent doesn’t care about you, they won’t care about your home.

What if you took the agent fee’s out of the decision-making process?

Now, we know cost/fee’s and the value of your home is of paramount importance. The overall package and value for money needs to be considered. We know selling can be stressful and as the agent in the middle we have a duty of care for customers’ well-being. Having a single point of contact for instructing your home can take some of that stress away, which is why with TG Residential you have a dedicated member of staff attending to every step in the sales process. No need to explain the situation for a third time that day to another person! Plus, no national call centres. Just good old fashioned local knowledge and elbow grease. Going deeper, extensive research about your home, the area, potential buyers needs and why you are selling is all part of the journey. Have you ever had a house for sale while others in the area are banging SOLD boards up? 12 viewings but still no offers? Are the right type of buyers being brought to your property – not as potential buyers, but just to satisfy your appetite to sell and justify the fee?

Experience, good first impressions and doing the right thing, with the right amount of research count for everything and is something we take pride in. We know what makes us different to other agents. Plus, we match our socks as well as we match buyers to your home.

How to Pick the Right Estate Agent – THE TRUTH!

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